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Now offering one one one classes to learn my InstantLocs Dreadlock Extensions technique become certified by signing up for our class. 
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pre-paid in advance for services.  These dates are exclusive if you want me to travel to your location that can be arranged at clients expense.  Please email or reach Braids by Bee at braidsbybee@aol.com or 954-297-5466
No travel dates for 2020

** If you want me to visit your state THAT'S NOT LISTED you must book it and pay for the Vip Service cost as well as hotel and flight expense for 2 Stylist.  

All clients starting dreadlocks, Dreadlock Extensions, Hair units for bald areas, Instantloc Dread Extensions, or in need of Loc Repairs needs to be consulted before booking for services. 
 VIA TEXT, EMAIL OR IN PERSON (Due to pandemic there will be no consultations done in person all will be done via text or email) pictures sent must be many in different positions so Be can see your whole head and clearly any balding issues.    
Before you can Get any quote or questions answered must pay for Fee if once filling out form Bee sends you an invoice the way you requested it and there's no payment.  Bee will ignore your messages till such invoice is paid.  If clients don't understand from the day you reach out to me and I take the time to answer your email, post, calls or any other way you can submit your messages that each case takes time to review and its work then please don't ask me silly questions.  Yes you must pay for me to tell you "How Much" Yes you must pay for me to review your photos and your request of what you want done.  AND YES You must pay for the options that I will offer you which is expert advice you can take it or not take it but once its reviewed its your information based on your head no one else but your head.  
Braids By Bee reserves the right to deny services to anyone she feels is not following protocols and does not need to deal with non essential questions when you don't understand that Braids by Bee™ services are different from the rest.  You want quality you found it, you want a safe environment you got it, you want privacy you got it, you want someone who listens and executes the needs of her clients you got it.  Bee is an expert in this field and only caters to clients who appreciates this type of services rendered at Braids by Bee™.  
Braids By Bee™ believes in promoting hair growth and finding hair coverage solutions for clients in need of this type of service.  
Most clients have issues to why they would like to start dreads with my InstantLoc Dread Extensions™. We will discuss your options when you pay for your consultation fee.  If you are not willing to pay the Fee please do not contact Bee till you are serious or done your research.  Bee is an expert In this field and everyone is uniquely different and each client is treated according to there own issues which is why we need consultation.  We discuss your issues I tell you the solutions I can offer.   

Many clients have real breakage issues, balding areas, thin or no edges, Locs that are damaged everyone is different for this reason Bee the expert in this field consults before booking any appointments.  Bee offers expert advice and the cost of this consult is $150 and takes 30 min long you don't need to come in consultations are done via text, email, FaceTime or in person your choice. 
*Please consider Bee gets Web forms submitted, consultation forms submitted, messages from Facebook, Instagram, Aol Email, IM, Instant Messenger, WatsApp, Text, SnapChat, and website web form.  Bee gets to every client however if invoice when sent to you is not paid, 
No consultation will be done until invoice is paid in full.

Thanks in advance for your help.  
Please don't waist my time or your time if you are not ready.  
** Also last and final question always asked if this consult fee goes towards service.  
NO it Does not
** Go towards service. 
*will not be applied to future cost of services.  
** Consultation is good for 6 months before you must get another one for services.  
Cost of consult is $150 and cost of services to start Dread Extensions or to do Loc Repairs will be discussed when you do your consultation.  Everyone issues are different and all quotes are based on what your needs are.

*Please do not send me pictures and ask questions about Loc Repairs or Starting Dreadlocks if your not prepared to pay for consultation fee. Bee is very firm with consultations and take all inquiries serious.   
CURRENTLY IN Fort Lauderdale, FL 

* Please do not submit anything to Bee via text if or email or submit a form on site if you are not prepared to pay for consultation fee.  Braids By Bee works hands on clients and can only do a client a day.  Some clients services and hair transformations takes up to 3 days.  When Bee™ finally has the time to get to your submission or your messages however sent.  Please don't sound surprise when I submit to you a form to fill out digitally as well as request photos to be sent.  The first question on this form is to inform you before we even get started are you aware of the $150 fee charge for consulting you about what can be done for you and to offer you options.  Bee does not have the time to answer questions for those who are not serious about finding a real specialist of have not done there research and understand what Bee has to offer.  Please don't send me work and when it is Time to pay I am ask many questions.  I am here to offer you a service.  A service that no one doesn't do at this current time, you are seeking an expert who can help accomplish the look or repairs you want done.  Everyone is different and although I would love everyones business not everyone is prepared for my types of options offered.  Not aware of what can be done till you receive your consultation.  Bee explains and takes time to cater to your needs and consult on options just for you.  Please don't waste time and follow protocols.  When Bee first started consulting it was done in person for every client and was 30 min. long and I would give you samples and options. Now with us living in a digital world and many of my clients are long distance from all around the world.  Braids by Bee created a digital form and has established a protocol you don't have to come in person.  Bee now just requires you to fill out digital form and send in pictures via text or email.  Then send in your pictures.  Then pay invoice and await your time to be consulted.  It has been convenient for my clients who are from out of state and needs to know what can be done before coming in or wasting their time.  Bee has great results and great reviews and all pictures and information on site has been updated by Bee herself.  


INSTANTLOCS DREAD EXTENSIONS or to do Dread Repair or Loc Repairs 



Best Braid Styles done by Bee™ herself all photos are of her own work on natural dreads, Braids, or Dread Extensions known as InstantLocs and many Dread Extensions has been done as well, Loc Repairs done on many who have natural Locs done at Braids By Bee Salon located in Lauderhill, FL  all of these pictures are Braids and Locs Bee herself has worked on. 

**Please log in or become a member to be able to view photos, reviews, and book appointments you have to be a member or system won't allow you to have full access to site. 

Benite Corion also known as Braids By Bee™  invented InstantLocs Dread Extensions technique A Trendsetter in the Hair Community and is the ORIGINATOR Of Permanent  Dreadlock Extensions also known as InstantLocs Registered Trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Braids By Bee started the trend by repairing natural dreadlocks with real issues they had and had no issues duplicating there dreadlocks to fill in areas that was missing.  Bee gift grew to starting dreadlocks journeys from scratch with a whole head of Dread Extensions with human hair.  Bee also teaches one to grow hair and keep Extensions in and grow out with your own natural hair becoming part of your own.   Bee is a Dreadlock Doctor and performs Hair transplants and Hair Transformations daily for over 30 years .  Bee is the Best KNOWN TO REPAIR DREADS, REPAIR DREAD EXTENSIONS, AND LOC REPAIRS FOR SISTERLOCkS AND MANY DIFFERENT ISSUES WITH DREADLOCKS REPAIR Known as the Dread Dr. THAT HAS YEARS of Experience of Fixing wear and tear from  DAMAGES that occur with Natural Dreadlocks. Specialize with Men and women who experience Alopecia or similar hair issues and needs Hair solutions.  Start your journey and learn to treat your hair and grow your hair naturally with Dreadlocks. 
       Natural Dreads tend to thin out after years of growth your hair does not grow the same way and may require some
Dread Repair work that Bee specializes in.  Dread Extensions is one of Bee Best Braid Styles do to fact it helps those continue to keep and growing their hair long with the help of Bee's gifted hands and her unique techniques of filling in areas that needs some TLC.  Bee's InstantLoc Dread Extensions are permanent once done and Bee not only installs them, but she teaches one how to grow, care for them, treat them and come she follows up with maintenance appointments.  Once installation is done you will be required to come back to upkeep and continue the growth of your permanent dreadlocks. If you are looking to start your dreadlock journey, save time by seeing Bee first the Professional Loc Doctor.  

Best Braid Styles
Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.™


     Human Hair 
Dreadlock Extensions Also known as InstantLocs Dread Extensions  


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Loc Repairs on Thin natural Dreads balding areas, wanting length, or wanting a makeover simple 
Braids By Bee Known as the Best person to make recommendations never heard of.

InstantLocs Dread Extensions

      InstantLocs Dreadlock  Extensions aka Instantlocs™



         Braids By Bee 

is known to make recommendations and unconventional options as alternatives to enhance your look or create your look.  During a consult it will be mentioned what needs to be done and how much these alternatives will cost.   Unlike any other! Self taught and no one has these skills, so ask and read reviews before asking for help.
         When Bee consults she gives you the hard ugly truth and will give you top quality service. Been catering to dreads over 30 years and still counting.  Bee takes pride in helping all clients achieve there look.  It takes a special kind of artist to see a problem and try and figure out how to resolve the issues client seems to be having.  Every situation is different many clients see the problem before its about to happen and some wait way too long to look for options.  Braids By Bee offers non-practical methods that are not known to many others because these are Bee's inventions of ways and techniques to restore ones Dreadlocks, or to reinforce there thin roots, to fill in bald areas with growing dreadlocks, to fill in sides of hairline that are not growing.  Bee has been told my her thousands of loved clients that Her hands are gifted.  And Bee now believes it, claims it and honors it.  Once Braids By Bee™ adds her special touch to your hair, you won't ever go any where else. 

With two Braiders
 meaning this braid should have taken about 16hrs or more 

Best Braid Styles 

Braids with Kanekolan Yaky Hair
 (Micro braids with synthetic hair) 


InstantLoc Dread Extensions™
 done in
Sisterlocks Size                    Micro Part Locs
Sisterlocks Size permanent Dreadlock Extensions called
Instantlocs Dread Extensions
 by Braids By bee™


Sisterlocks Dread Extensions called Instantloc Dreads

Ghana Braids Bee is well known for the Best Braid Styles 

Feed in Corn Row Braids also known as Ghana Braids or Invisible Corn Row Braids 

Senegalese Rope twist with curly ends braids Braids

Men design Corn Row Braids

Invisible Corn Rows also known as Ghana Braids 

Box Braids medium size waist length 

Box Braids long enough to do Bun. 

Fishbone Invisible corn row braids 

Kids Braids
Best Braid Styles

Best Braid Styles 

BEE And After  DOING LOC REPAIRS Stories to Share Below 

Braids by Bee starts Sisterlock Dreadlock Extensions with her brand of Instantloc Dreads only done by Bee



Our Dread Repairs started After pulling his natural dreads apart Bee is ready to wash all these Locs.  Part of repairs include a good wash and condition.  Wash sometimes have to be 3-4 times before locs are finally clean.  Loc takes more shampoo then normal hair.  So when we wash your hair we get in.  We Also recommend coloring it which is an option but the best option to clean up the residue left behind and color wear and tear from the sun that naturally happens to all. 

Haven't Maintained his Dreads in over a year and all Locs was stuck together had to cut in between to separate to start his Loc Repairs

These dreads needed quarterly maintenance requiring more work than someone who comes in monthly for ret-wist or palm roll on Locs.  Loc repairs include many avenues of restoring dreadlocks to its natural beauty.  Sometimes it needs help and Bee knows just what to do by going through each individual drealock and repairing your locs. 


Client was ready to get his Loc Repairs and it was much needed. This Client has not had maintenance in a while on his natural dreads and has accumulated residue on Locs and Locs has become one from not being separated over time.  Bee goes in on her client Dreadlocks having to rip apart the dreads to get to the natural roots. This was done before a wesh and color to rejuvenate and restore look of dreads.  

After Repairs done 

The Best on Natural DreadLock Repairs in todays Market

Completed Look after a few hours of doing Loc Repairs on my Vip Client @ BraidsbyBee 

Loc Repairs done in one day @ Braids by Bee ™ by Appointments only 
Deposits required for all repairs to cover cost of hair 


InstantLoc Dread Extensions are permanent dreadlocks installed while you are sitting in Braids By Bee chair.

Best Braid Styles 
Best Dread Extensions
Best at Loc Repairs
Best at starting
 Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks with
InstantLocs Dread Extensions

Bee honey comb and the logo for services at Braids By Bee

Bee offers the Best Braids Styles, InstatnLoc Dread Extensions, Natural Loc Repair, Dreadlock Extension repairs, Natural Hair solutions, Box Braids, Micro Braids, Invisible Corn rows, Sisterlocks Permanent Dread Extensions, Sisterlocks naturally, Sisterlocks Instant Dreadlocks, Interlocking Natural Dread Locs, Retwist Dread Extensions, Custom Hair Units, Loc Repairs for Sisterlocks, Braids  By Bee works by appointments only and can be booked online on this site and requires a deposit for all appointments.  

Dreads Repair on Natural dreadlocks

Loc Repairs to keep hair healthy and to keep growing Braids By Bee shows her techniques known to work and is proven to protect hair and not add damage. 

DREAD REPAIR Consist of reinforcing every single individual dreadlocks and giving it back strength by adding the hair it needs to keep growing. We call this InstantLoc Dread Extensions repairs as well due to many not being familiar with the terms reinforcing roots.  However when one has hair growing but its just to thin to withhold your current heavy grown dreadlock then reinforcing is necessary to add hair to thin roots to so it would be sturdy enough to carry the weight of your current Locs at this point yes you are adding hair but its to protect your hair from falling out or popping from a few strands of hair holding it up.  My theory it does not make hair heavier it protects it from falling out securing it to be able to sustain the weight it now carries.   Normal natural Locs go thru this as well as sisterlocs that often need repairs.  

Best solutions for those who want to correct natural dreadlocks Bee is known as the Master at her craft, save our hair and teaches us how to keep it growing.  

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